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Obtaining intellectual property rights such as patents/trademarks/design patents

Since the firm’s foundation, Nagato & Partners (N & P) has handled a large number of foreign applications as well as domestic applications. For Japanese clients, in order to efficiently and effectively undertake their patent, design or trademark applications in foreign countries, we have cooperated closely with highly capable well-selected firms in those countries. We have also represented a large number of Japanese patent, design and trademark applications for foreign clients. In filing applications and responding to office action, we think that swift and close communication with clients is essential, not to mention the quality of translation or the strict due date management, which has brought us high esteem and confidence.

Transfer of intellectual property rights/Licensing

In recent years, large-scale mergers and acquisitions are actively pursued, which sometimes necessitate registration of transfer of a large number of intellectual property rights. N & P provides safe and reliable services concerning transfer of rights, such as registration of transfer, at reasonable costs. N & P also negotiates or mediates negotiations for licensing.

Resolving conflicts concerning intellectual property rights

As there are possibilities that others may infringe intellectual property rights of clients or vice versa, prompt and appropriate actions are required.
N & P provides expert opinions about whether the accused product/method is within the scope of the intellectual property rights, conducts prior-art search and demands invalidation/cancellation trials to invalidate/cancel the rights of others, negotiates with the others for seeking an amicable settlement, and cooperates with affiliated lawyers in litigation. In lawsuits concerning patents, etc. in Japan, it is highly recommended that patent attorneys who are familiar with technology and lawyers who are experts in court procedures should cooperate to settle disputes.