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Our firm was established in 1985. Since then, under our registered corporate mark “IDEA+”, we have been devoting efforts to produce a plus value by adding our clients’ wishes to their ideas (inventions & innovations). We have continued providing high quality services in obtaining and protecting IP rights in Japan and foreign countries and gained continued patronage and confidence from many clients.

Mr. Kanji NAGATO, M.S(c)., the President of NAGATO & PARTNERS and founder of the firm, finished his master’s course in mechanical engineering at Kyoto University, and worked for many years as a R & D engineer at IHI Corporation. On account of this career of his, our firm has handled numerous patent applications in the fields of mechanical fields.

In prosecution for obtaining rights and litigation concerning exercise of rights, we believe that a full understanding of technical aspects of inventions in question and discussion based on the technological background are essential, in addition to thorough knowledge of the law.

On such belief, we originally enlarged our firm, with capable staff familiar with the technical fields related to mechanical engineering, in particular. In order to meet our client needs, however, our firm has expanded its fields of expertise by recruiting chartered attorneys and staff specializing in electricity/electronics, physics and chemistry, trademark, and design patent, and we will continue to expand and enhance our expertise to meet our clients’ needs.